SINTEF – Podcast about solar energy

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SINTEF – Podcast about solar energy

Can solar energy be sustainable? Is it realistic to build out 5 to 10 TWh of solar energy by 2030 in Norway? Can we put solar cells on all roofs? What does the circular economy model for solar energy look like in Norway?

Listen to the conversation (in Norwegian) between :

  • Birgit Ryningen, researcher, SINTEF Industry
  • Fredrik Rudfoss Haugland, Advisor Energy and Environment, Sweco Norway
  • Adis Cengic, director of Green Transition and Technology, Norsk Gjenvinning, board member PF Bærekraft
  • Silje Skjelsvik, head of Green Transition, Sweco Norway, board member PF Bærekraft

In this discussion, you will learn about opportunities and bottlenecks for solar energy investments, how to make the solar energy value chain circular and what is needed to invest in solar energy.