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Project results

In this section, the public deliverables and other documents related to the project will be available:

D1.2 Public initial waste inventory SINTEF
D1.4 Public intermediate waste inventory SINTEF
D1.6 Public final waste inventory SINTEF
D2.8 Technological advances on the treatment of Si-kerf, graphite, and silica waste streams from the PV industry SINTEF
D3.3 Semi-industrial pilot scale Si-production SINTEF
D6.4 Properties of silicides based on Si-kerf UCY
D6.18 Pilot-scale trials for multi-silicon ingot growth CEA
D6.19 Pilot-scale trials for mono-silicon ingot growth SINTEF
D7.2 Classification of waste streams BIFA
D7.6 Final environmental and techno-economic assessment BIFA
D7.7 Workshop 1 BIFA
D7.8 Workshop 2 BIFA
D7.11 Value chain modelling SINTEF
D8.1 Communication plan AYMING
D8.2 Best practices on communication AYMING
D8.3 Final project brochure BENKEI
D8.4 Project video BENKEI
D8.5 Publications to the scientific domain SINTEF
D8.6 White paper for policy makers SINTEF
D8.7 Project website and social media AYMING

Project papers

The different scientific papers and documentation related to the project will also be accessible on our Zenodo community.